Nail Art – Rent


Hello, dear readers!! Saturday I went to see RENT live on stage at the Footlite Musicals Theater! It was really fun and I decided to paint my nails all special-like for the occasion.I absolutely LOVE how these came out!! So incredibly thrilled. I’m quite amazed with myself that I pulled this off.

I used the cover of the movie as my inspiration.
First I put on each color. I wanted really basic cremes and ended up using mostly Sally Hansen. I got a little bit of shimmer on my middle nail, but after the next two steps, you can’t see it at all.
From thumb to pinky, we have Sally Hansen In a Flurry, Sally Hansen Lightening, China Glaze Splish Splash, Sally Hansen Just in Lime!, and Sally Hansen Racey Rouge. I used two coats of each polish. I used In a Flurry as my right hand mani and I’ll be featuring it separately in a different post.