Swatch – Julep Courteney


Hello, dear readers! I’ve been trying out a lot of my Julep polishes lately. I’m a Julep Maven, but I’m having trouble deciding if they’re worth it. I did REALLY love the polishes I used for my Twinsie Tuesday mani this week. So that’s a plus. And I’m a big fan of this polish – in some ways. Today, I’m showing my base from my ORLY Mermaid Tale manicure – Julep Courteney

I love, love, love, love, love the color of this polish. So pretty and vibrant! But I really disliked the application. So streaky and gloppy. The main problem with the Julep polishes are the stupid long bottles.
Long bottles mean a long brush. And a long brush means polish can bead down it and flood my cuticles. And that makes me go “BOO!!” This polish was a bit thick too. It took three coats to really start evening out. And I can still see a few streaky spots near my cuticles on my middle and pinky fingers. The top coat helped it even out more, but still. Annoying.