Twinsie Tuesday – Best Deal Polish


Morning, dear readers! It’s Twinsie Tuesday! And I’d like to start by welcoming our newest member – Maribeth!
This week we are featuring a polish we got for an awesome price! It’s not supposed to be swapped or gifted. Personally, I try to buy as much on sale or clearance as possible. So a LOT of polishes in my stash could have fit this bill. But I decided to go with one I got recently – Wet’n’Wild Grew Up In Cobalt-imore!This was originally priced at $4.00 for a teeny tiny bottle. But when I found a ton of them on sale for $1.00 a piece, I bought them up like crazy. In fact, you can get a whole set for yourself in my GIVEAWAY!

I’ll be featuring the polishes through August 15th, when the giveaway ends. So I thought today was the perfect time to start with this beautiful blue polish.This fabulous polish went on in one smooth coat. I’m calling this a foil finish since I don’t know what “chrome” is supposed to mean. Unfortunately, clean up was pretty difficult. If you blow the pictures up, you’ll see the blue came off fabulously, but the silver/gold shimmer bits spread all over my cuticles like poison ivy. Luckily, if you go slow, this polish is pretty easy to work with and you can keep it within the lines.