Wet’n’Wild Chrome Collection Giveaway!


The other day I was wondering through a local Walgreens and found a clearance section with a whole heaping bin of Wet’n’Wild Chrome nail polishes — for $1.00 a piece! I leapt for joy since these came out at the ridiculous price of $4.00 a piece for teeny tiny bottles. Then I bought most of the stock. The cashier gave me a rather funny look when I stumbled up with a literal arm-full of polish. I picked up all eight for myself and several more random colors for some blogging friends. And how could I forget you, my dear readers??All eight colors, brand new! All for you. 🙂 If you live in the continental USA or Canada. Sorry, dear readers. Unfortunately, shipping laws make it a federal offense (i.e., the worst kind in America) to mail polish via air unless you’re a registered company with permits. I’ve also heard the postal service is being a lot more aware of this law. I’m very sorry.