Layer Love – Ninja Polish Sticks ‘n Stones


Today we have another installment of my feature series Layer Love. You can check out the basic colors in this post. In this series, I layer a polish over every color in the rainbow to see how it looks. Due to the nature of the post, this is quite pic heavy.
Ummmm, hello?? Gorgeous, much?! I love this over color. It makes the color AND the glitter pop. And it’s fun over white too, because the black glitter really stands out. Boyfriend thought it looked like cookies and creme ice cream. Here are some close up pics.
I was in a bit of a hurry with this hand, apparently, because I didn’t give my base coats quite enough time to dry and they pulled when I applied the glitter. Ooops. Still, very pretty combos. I think green is my favorite on this hand. The black is awesome, too. The scattered holographic micro glitter really comes out to play due to the black background. And… amazingly…. I really loved this polish solo! I think it looks super cute on my thumb! Srsly! I love Sticks ‘n Stones over EVERY color! It’s the ultimate layering glitter polish! I used one dabbed coat for a perfect amount of glitter.

Do you have this one? Or it’s inspiration – Connect the Dots? If not, I recommend clicking over to Ninja Polish and making absolutely sure you get it. Because it’s awesome! You’ll find it under the Cover Band section.