Triple Layer Experiment China Glaze Cracked Concrete


Today I wrap up my first Triple Layer Experiment! This was really fun. I got to use three polishes from my untried stash and I ended up with a look I really love!

I LOVE THIS! I think the pink and glitter peaking out from the gray crackle is just awesome. I’m a huge fan of how this mani came out. It was really fun combining three polishes that seemed like they wouldn’t go together.

The China Glaze crackles are my favorite. I’m so not over this look. I have crackle nail polish in every color I can get my hands on. The China Glaze crackles always work really well when I apply a thick coat directly onto my base polish. I love the big cracks that I get. I really think it helps with the contrast of the base color and the crackle color.