Double Vision – wet’n’wild/Spoiled And Nails Pure ice


Hello, dear readers! Recently I’ve spotted some dupes/repackagings while I’ve been out and about. I thought I’d share them with you so you don’t buy the same polish twice, as I did with one of these. I keep a running list of my collection in my iPhone to avoid just this situation. But when it’s packaged under two different brands and two different polish names, it’s very annoying.
First, we see Wet’n’Wild Spontaneous Combustion and Spoiled Pet My Peacock.
Apparently, several of the polishes from the Wet’n’Wild Fourth of July Sparks and Stripes collection were dupes/repackagings of Spoiled glitter colors. I was able to pick up and photograph both of these in the same CVS
This next one, I wasn’t so lucky. The beautiful and amazing Brandi had already sent me Spoiled Jewelry Heist in a swap. Then I went and bought Wet’n’Wild Light With Caution. When I got home, I realized they were repackagings because I keep my Wet’n’Wild polishes in the same drawer with my Spoiled polishes.Finally, I found these in Wal-Mart. I’m not 100% sure on this one since you can see that both bottles have the same label on the bottom.They are both marked as Pure Ice Iced Copper. Obviously, the one on the left is a Nails Inc. polish. It probably has a different name. I never actually find Nails Inc. polishes in stores around me, so I’m guessing this got mislabeled and misshipped with a package of Pure Ice polishes. Then, someone just chucked it out on the floor cause it’s Wal-Mart and who cares. I went ahead and bought it since I don’t have any Nails Inc. polishes in my collection.