Nail Mail – Julep September 2012 Mystery Box


I picked up the Julep September 2012 Polish Lover’s Mystery Box and it came in the mail this weekend!

Everything was packaged in one of their cute little bags. I skipped the month these came out, so it was fun to get this. It’s a nice size for some basic hauling of stuffs.
I also got four colors. Here are the first three: Melissa, Zoe, and Michelle.I was totally tickled by these. Melissa looks like a really lovely shimmery white with green luminescent duochrome undertones. The two that made me squeal were Zoe (my little sis’ name) and Michelle (my mom’s name)! I was particularly amused because dark blue is totally a color my mom will wear. I’m definitely giving her a pedi with this!

The fourth color I got was one of Julep’s new unreleased colors, so it has no name or product number. Which is driving me NUTS! But this is a really fun brown/green army kind of color. So I’m naming it Demi in my head.
This is one of those polishes that is super scary with the first coat and then applies like butter with the second coat. The clean up was super easy too. The color wiped right off my cuticles. This is also without top coat, so you can see it has a really nice shine to it all on its own