Thursday, July 25, 2013

Swatch, Review, and Comparisons - Zoya PixieDust 2013 Fall Edition Collection

**This product was provided for review by the company.**

Today's review is of the new Zoya PixieDust 2013 Fall Edition polishes! Below you'll find swatches of each polish as well as some comparisons to other Zoya PixieDust polishes and a few OPI Liquid Sands.


Zoya has been incredibly successful with their first two PixieDust polish collections. You can check out my review of the Summer Edition here. My only disappointment with the Summer Edition was the lack of a green PixieDust polish. Well, Zoya has delivered! Along with several other stunning additions to the line.

The formulas varied quite a lot in this collection. Sunshine and Chita were both quite thick and could be worn in one coat if you really wanted to go for it. The rest of the polishes are about two coats, though Tomoko definitely needs to have three for full opacity. But the formula clean up was wonderful with all of the polishes.

Zoya Tomoko

This polish is described by Zoya as "a romantic champagne silver" but it really read to me as a super light gold. I couldn't really see much in the way of silver in this polish. The closest might be white gold. This is the sheerest polish in the collection. Romantic is definitely right though. I wore this to my cousin's wedding last weekend and it went wonderfully with all of my outfits and the occasion.

I immediately knew Tomoko needed to be seen side by side with Godiva (3 coats) from the original PixieDust Collection. I also decided to check it out next to OPI Honey Rider (2 coats) from the Bond Girls Collection.

All three of these are close, but no actual dupes hiding here. Tomoko and Godiva are quite similar though. Godiva is more of a straight nude while Tomoko is more gold. But I'm actually just a little disappointed that we didn't get a more distinct shade for the Fall Collection.

Honey Rider is definitely more gold than Tomoko, but you could easily get away with having only one or the other.

Zoya Arabella

Arabella is a really fabulous deep pink. This is my favorite kind of pink due to it avoiding the Barbie pink of it's brighter cousins. It's a pink I can wear without feeling like I'm wearing PINK! This is two coats.

I have nothing like this in my collection, which always makes me happy!

Zoya Sunshine

Sunshine is described as a "Van Gogh navy" which is just perfect! There's no way to look at this and not see Starry Night. It even has the same speckled appearance of the sky in the famous painting. I think this might be a bit darker than a normal navy polish, but that might be due to the contrast of the silver speckles in the polish.

This polish has an unusually thick formula and you could wear one coat. I used two because my camera made it look just a tiny bit patchy.

I absolutely HAD to pull out the fan favorite from the Summer Collection for a comparison. Zoya Liberty was certainly my favorite polish due to how the blue speckles in the formula made Liberty absolutely glow. 

Sunshine and Liberty are both blue, but they are incredibly different polishes! The blue speckles in Liberty add so much dimension which is weirdly lacking in Sunshine when you put them side by side. Nonetheless, both are completely gorgeous.
Zoya Chita

Excuse me while I do a happy dance for a DEEP GREEN TEXTURE POLISH! This was the only thing missing from the Summer Collection and I'm so glad it's finally here. I absolutely adore this polish without question. It's a stunning pine green with golden sparkle! This has the same thick formula as Sunshine and I used two coats for the pictures. I know I'll be throwing this one all the time in the fall when I need to dash out the door with an awesome manicure.

I think it goes without saying that nothing in my collection needed a double look next to Chita.

Zoya Dhara

Zoya Dhara is absolutely perfect for fall and I know she's going to get a LOT of wear around Halloween. This is the perfect shade of pumpkin orange! The swatch is two coats.

For comparison, I pulled out Zoya Beatrix, JulieG Tangerine Dream, and OPI Jinx. Beatrix and Tangerine Dream are both much lighter, but are total dupes of each other. Jinx is closer to Dhara, but it's actually more pink in tone. Dhara stands alone as the best pure orange texture polish.

Zoya Carter

And now... the jewel of the entire collection. Zoya Carter is so far beyond stunning I don't even know how to describe it. This is far and away my favorite Zoya polish ever. Its deep purple base is accented by pink sparkle which is just so incredibly deep and distracting. There is such a glow to this polish that doesn't come across in the photos. Believe me, this will be the MUST HAVE polish of the fall.


This collection is amazing! The only disappointment for me was Tomoko and that's only due to its similarity to the existing Godiva. Tomoko is beautiful, but I would have liked something new in the rainbow spectrum added to the PixieDust line as opposed to another very light nude.

If you buy one polish from this collection and you think purple is at all pretty, you must own Carter. You can grab it through this sponsored link for $9, if you feel like it.

Let me know if you'd like to see any other comparisons!

**This product was provided for review by the company.**

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